Chichester Harbour Conservancy Photography Festival

A weekend packed with photography activities and events.Join our local experts to learn how to get the best from your camera and learn lots of hints and tricks on photographing Chichester Harbour Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Book now for one or more of the events over the weekend. All participants will be asked to donate photographs to an online gallery to celebrate the Festival.

All sessions must be booked in advance on 01243 513275.

I am personally excited for this as an (extremely!) amateur photographer and plan to take part for extremely selfish reasons. It gives folks who may not have had a chance, or are unable to do so on their own, the possibilitye to explore the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. What a beauty it is! What I also appreciate about this festival is providing an environment where a photographic record of the AONB can be produced for future generations. As an archaeologist and an individual concerned with the conservation of environments at risk, this is truly a good thing and I wish the CHC the best in this endeavour. I will certainly post my shots this coming April!

More information regarding photography and the Chichester Harbour Conservancy can be found here. Also, follow the Conservancy on twitter @chichesterharbo.


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