Sussex University Short Course: Archaeological Investigation of a Church

The University of Sussex Centre for Community Engagement is offering a course that will “enable you to accurately record and analyse structure, fittings and landscape context.” The subject of this course is the parish church of Climping (or Clymping) near Littlehampton, West Sussex (BN17 5RB). The course tutor is David Hutchinson and will be taught between 11:00-17:00 across four Saturdays : 12 May, 26 May, 9 June, and 23 June, 2012.

The course costs £90. To enrol, cite Course Code X9360:

By Phone: 01273 678527

By E-mail:

Personally, I am quite excited for this. Climping Church lies within my study area. So, in addition to gaining the skill of church survey, I will be collecting data in support of this thesis project. The Arun river valley has been the focus of élite Christianity from an early period (at least by 770 AD). Churches are important foci for social activities as well as understanding ideologies and interaction between local and regional spheres of community.


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